Finals/Graduation Service

The Service at Heinz Chapel this Sunday, April 24th, 2016, 11 am, will be a combined service, preparing and encouraging those taking finals, and celebrating the success of those graduating. Please join us!

It will also be the last service of the Spring Semester. Fall Semester 2016 events and schedule will be announced on this website during the summer break. God bless you in all you do this summer…

Christianity Explored

In addition to our Sunday service at Heinz Chapel, which begins on January 10th (11 am), Spring Semester 2016 will feature an eight session course for those who would likw to investigate Christianity for the first time, or just brush up on the basics. You won’t be asked to pray, sing or read aloud, and any question is welcome. It’s free, and food is provided! All are welcome, and no one need feel obliged to keep coming if they don’t find it interesting or helpful.

The first session is at 8.30 pm on Wednesday January 20th, on the 5th floor of the WPU (Room 539). To register e-mail

For more information about the course, go to Christianity Explored.

Meet our Ministry student!

Zac and familyThis year we are blessed to have the participation of Zac Neubauer, a second year seminary student at Trinity School for Ministry just up Route 65 in Ambridge, PA. He lives in Ambridge with his wife and two boys and is being sponsored for ordination by the Episcopal Diocese of Central Florida. Zac will be getting practical experience with us here at Pitt: leading services, preaching, and assisting with all aspects of our ministry. In the spring semester he will lead a ‘Christianity Explored’ course, for those who are interested in knowing more about the Christian faith.

An important part of Zac’s work will be getting to know you and the religious life of the campus, and especially how not-yet Christian students view campus ministry, and how we can minister to them more effectively. He will actually be graded on these things by his own professor, so please help him out as best as you can with these tasks as we welcome him to our fellowship.

Fall 2015 Events!

Bosch, Carrying the Cross, detailJoin us for a guided examination of six religious paintings in the Carnegie Art Museum on Saturday September 5th (free admission with Pitt ID), followed by discussion. The discussion will be moderated by Mark Conner, who’s majoring in Art History. Meet in the museum lobby at noon..

We’re also starting a monthly Book Group this semester (Fall 2015). Join us for a study of The Screwtape Letters by the Oxford scholar C S Lewis. That’ll begin Wednesday September 30th in the evening–exact time and location to be announced shortly.

Sunday Services at Heinz Chapel Resume August 30th

Heinz Memorial ChapelThe weekly Student Service at Heinz Chapel returns at 11 am on Sunday August 30th. Students of all denominations and of none are invited to come together in the presence of Almighty God our heavenly Father, to set forth His praise, to hear and reflect on His holy Word, and to ask, for ourselves and on behalf of others, those things that are necessary for our life and our salvation. If you’re willing to read a Scripture passage, play an instrument, suggest a hymn, welcome people as they arrive, or help as needed, please call the Chaplain at the number below, or mention it after the service.

The Diocese of Pittsburgh’s Campus Ministry at Pitt is dedicated to the idea that students can grow as much in the knowledge of their faith during their student years as they can in their knowledge of history, science, art or whatever else they are studying. Students of all denominations and of none are welcome at any event sponsored by the Pitt Episcopal Chaplaincy. For more information, call the Chaplain, the Revd Dr Philip Wainwright, at 412-904-1175.

Hope to see you there!

Service at 12 Noon this Sunday, March 22

The service in the Cathedral of Learning (Room 324) on March 22nd will be at 12 noon rather than 11 am. Times of subsequent services will be posted the following week. Hope you had a wonderful break, and thank you God that Spring is in the air and on the ground (daffodil shoots pushing up through the dirt), even if we’ve got some winter left to endure!

No Services Spring Break; Time Change for March 22nd

The service in the Cathedral of Learning classroom 324 will not be held on March 8th or 15th. The service on March 22nd will be at 12 noon rather than 11 am. Times of subsequent services will be posted between March 22nd and 29th. Have a wonderful break—perhaps Spring will be in the air by the time you get back!