Service Project: Shepherd’s Heart September 11th

September 11th—a great day to turn our minds from terrorism to building up the poor and the homeless! On Sunday evenings, Shepherd’s Heart Ministry in the Uptown area feeds the homeless, and they could use our help, keeping the coffee pot filled, serving food, cleaning up, or just talking to those looking for  friendly face.
Clients are admitted into the building at 3 pm for coffee and a place to sit; then there is a worship service, usually with Communion, at 5.15; after the service, dinner is served to 100 or more, and clean-up is usually finished by 8 pm. You can leave whenever you need to. Let me know if you can help (by comment or e-mail pw35 [at], and I’ll try and arrange transportation.

PEC wants to help you grow in your faith during your college years; let us know how we can help. A list of current activities can be seen by clicking the ‘About’ tab above. If the times and/or places clash with your schedule, tell us—leave a comment.

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