Fall Semester 2014: Sunday at Heinz Chapel, 11 am

This semester we’re trying out a shared Sunday service with the Lutherans, and the Lutheran and Episcopal chaplains will take turns preaching and administering Communion. We begin on Sunday August 24th, when the Lutheran chaplain, Brian Bennett, will preach, and the Episcopal chaplain (me) will celebrate Communion. The Episcopal service will probably be a lot more relaxed and informal than you’re used to—come and check it out! The Lutheran service may be more traditional—we’ll find out when it’s their turn… We’re also eager for student participation; if you’d like to read one of the Scripture passages, or help with Communion, or play an instrument or sing, let me know!

We’ll also have a Wednesday lunch time Bible study in the Chaplains’ room on the 9th floor of the Wm Pitt Union; we’ll be reading Luke’s gospel, as well as talking about what it means to have the Word of God in writing. All welcome—bring your roommate, regardless of denomination or even religion. God’s word is for everyone!

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