Sunday Services at Heinz Chapel Resume August 30th

Heinz Memorial ChapelThe weekly Student Service at Heinz Chapel returns at 11 am on Sunday August 30th. Students of all denominations and of none are invited to come together in the presence of Almighty God our heavenly Father, to set forth His praise, to hear and reflect on His holy Word, and to ask, for ourselves and on behalf of others, those things that are necessary for our life and our salvation. If you’re willing to read a Scripture passage, play an instrument, suggest a hymn, welcome people as they arrive, or help as needed, please call the Chaplain at the number below, or mention it after the service.

The Diocese of Pittsburgh’s Campus Ministry at Pitt is dedicated to the idea that students can grow as much in the knowledge of their faith during their student years as they can in their knowledge of history, science, art or whatever else they are studying. Students of all denominations and of none are welcome at any event sponsored by the Pitt Episcopal Chaplaincy. For more information, call the Chaplain, the Revd Dr Philip Wainwright, at 412-904-1175.

Hope to see you there!

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